American Herbataurus Society

American Herbataurus Society
Grass-fed Genetics

It all happens on Friday, September 17, 2010 at the Circle K Farm in Tampico, Illinois.  The tentative schedule is a morning program, followed by lunch.  Then the afternoon sale featuring cattle registered with the American Herbataurus Society and certified for meeting the society’s standards for quality grass-fed genetics.

Now is the time to start planning if you intend to put animals in the sale.  Bulls, cows, young stock and group lots of stockers are eligible if they meet the requirements.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with buyers, sellers, and consumers.

Click here for the link to see the standards for bulls.

Watch for the standards for the other classes to follow.

Contact Gearld for more information or Laurel Hoffman at 814-256-3707 or to become a member of the American Herbataurus Society and begin the process of registering your Rotokawa Devon sired animals.

Other breeds will be permitted to enter the sale if they pass AHS certification requirements and are registered with their affiliated breed society and possess a multi-generation pedigree.